About Us

Al-Barzakh is a telecommunications company, established to work and contribute in telecommunications systems and services. It is directed by compatible qualified engineers who possess more than ten years of experience and trained by major leader companies in the field of telecommunications, inside and outside the Libya.

We offer our services which include, but not limited to, providing, installation and preparation of telecom systems and their accessories includes the towers and their accessories and the energy, supervision, maintenance and programming telecom- systems, preparation of sites and giving training courses and consultations in the electronic systems; operation and maintenances of electronic, monitoring, protection and telecom-systems.

Our services, which include design of IT administration and support solutions specifically to solve all these problems and others, and equipping the meeting and training rooms with the modern advanced technology.

We ask you kindly to grant us the opportunity and register our company as one of the leading national companies; capable of executing a turn-key telecommunications projects to your full satisfaction.

Looking forward to receive your formal invitation for the participation and registration in a project and to make our presentation at your early convenience.