Telecommunications Towers

Supply, installation and maintenance for all types and lengths of towers, carry out and supervise civil works of infrastructure.  We have national and foreign specialized technicians and engineers in this field who have the experience of 5 to 10 years.


Equipment Rooms (Shelters)

Supply and installation of equipment rooms of all types and sizes, ground or hanging, with international standards and high quality of the shelters. We provide supervision of its infrastructure civil works.



Supply and installation of all kinds and sizes of antennas according to the international standards and we have the necessary expertise in this area.


Feeding Cables

Supply and installation of all types of wave transfer cables (feeders, waveguides, IF cables) and we have technicians who have experience of 10-15 years in this area.


Electric Power Systems

Supplying and installation of all types of energy and solar-cells systems, connection of electricity networks AC and DC to any communications system according to the international standards, in addition to the plans and designs of the loads distribution.


Operation and Maintenance

Operation of various communication systems (Micro waves, optical fiber systems, communications systems via satellite, and remote sensing systems as in the oil fields), applying necessary tests and conclude technical support agreements.


Telecommunications Systems

Supply and installation of communications systems with different capacities (SDH-PDH) using the latest equipment and qualities, supply and installation of  the fiber optical systems , communication systems via satellite , remote sensing systems and electronic surveillance systems in cooperation with international companies specialized in this area.